Holiday during the big wet 2010 part 2

During our travels we stayed in Rockhampton twice with my best friend. The house she is living in has the best views of the river. The river was fast flowing and beautiful. 
The river is in the distance and not very threatening. Tonight the river will cross the little road outside my best friends house and creep up her lawn.
The above photo was taken 2 weeks before christmas and the flood water was way off in the distance up the far end of her little road.

Tonight the water from the river will creep all the way up to the steps of my best friends house.
With a deadly certainty the water will lap at the bottom step and cover it with muddy, cold water.
Before dawn arrives tomorrow the cold muddy water will certainty rise and reach the front door.
Lucky for my best friend, she has been given time off work to move her personal effects. She has received assistance from family and friends to move and her neighbours are keeping watch over the place, their houses are raised much higher than the above cottage.
What we don’t know is how high will the water go? I am 750klm away and pray that the water doesn’t reach the front door and only laps at the top step, like in 1991 floods.
My fears are that this flood will exceed all our expectations and the water will creep up the front door and reach in through the windows.
I think God has heard everyones cries for rain and given his blessings all at once.  This is a cruel way to break a 10 year drought.
As you can tell my heart and mind is with my family and friends that are flood effected.
Remember too that today is the first day of our wet season.  Is it ok to pray for no more rain?

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