huntsman spider

huntsman spider
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For the last couple of weeks we have been sharing our house with a huntsman spider. We are use to sharing our house with spiders and creepy crawly creatures, however this little lady was very fast.

We first spotted little lady by our front door, then over our bed and once we saw her looking out the window in our rumpus room. Tonight I had just started the shower and my daughter was standing under the water when I shut the door and saw her sitting behind this mesh bottle holder.

After removing my daughter from the shower and made sure the kids were out of the bathroom I took this photo.

For the next 10 minutes I chased the spider and she chased me until I was able to capture her with a dustpan and brush. The little lady huntsmand spider has now been safely relocated to our back yard.

Huntsman spiders are great spider to have around because they like to eat cockroaches.
I must confess that I screamed like a girl several time when the little lady was chasing me.

At one point I was standing ontop of the toilet.

I kept the windows shut because I didn’t want the neighbours hearing the girly screams.

I used the toilet brush to chase the spider out the door, while still standing on the toilet.

My toilet brush did not come in contact with the little lady. 

Finally I jumped down from the toilet and chased little lady into a corner and yelled at her ‘stop running, just get into the dustpan’.  I may or may not have been using a high pitched squeel.

Finally I talked the little lady into my dustpan and ran screaming through the house ‘open the door’.

I have been asking my kids, what did Mummies screams sound like?

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