Today my son went off to camp. The build up to this event has been weeks in the making. We had a long list of items that needed to be supplied like sleeping bag, sheet and pillow + pillow case, clothes, wide brim hat, sunscreen, sun glasses etc


My son had a list of his own, no cartoon character pj’s, no Ben Ten underwear, sheet must not have any toy rockets on it and he wanted to take my pillow. All of which I happily supplied, except we forgot my pillow in our rush to get out the door this morning.
I arranged for him to have a prepaid mobile phone. This can be dangerous because last time I arranged a prepaid phone he was on holidays with his Dad, it ran out of credit within a couple of days. This time I arranged for a responsible adult to hold onto it and give it to him, if he needs to call.

He rang to say that he had shot an arrow and hit the middle yellow spot.  He wanted me to wake up his sister, so he could say good night. More like begged me to wake up his sister because he needed to say good night to her. Yep he is my favorite son.

My daughter and I spent the evening out at dinner, it was her choice and there was no surprise that we ended up at an Italian restaurant. This little sparkle can pack away an adult size meal if it is spaghetti bolognaise or lasagna.

We were both down in the dumps because our favorite brother/son was not with us.  To cheer us up I decided the girls were going to have a night out. The restaurant owner fussed over the little sparkle and called her princess. The server for the evening supplied crayons so we could draw while waiting and the bubbles of our fizzy drinks tickled out noses.

The food was delicious and Princess food was made to her exact requirements. The staff did fuss over us a little and it reminded me of time when eating out in Rome. 

Princess managed to splatter the sauce all over her face from her chin to forehead, ear to ear and in her hair.

 When we left I gave a massive tip because this girly night out was fantastic, so isthe food.


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