Planning our holiday

We are planning a family holiday, our destination is my older brother’s cattle station.
Last time we visited our children had not started school and my sister inlaw was pregnant with their third child.
My youngest neice who I have not met is now in school. 
I am looking forward to meeting my neice and seeing her big brother and sister.
They have moved since these photos were taken, this is my sister inlaws family cattle station. 

My sister inlaw is very camera shy.  She is holding my favourite daughter, look at her big beautiful smile.

Look at these 2 guys and gal, they were just out of nappies.

How cute are they?  I am in awe at how small they were.

Now I am going melt in a pool of love.  My favourite son is holding his baby sister.

My favourite baby daughter is looking at me saying, “I’ve spotted you Mum, now pick me up”.

My big brother is very camera shy and I sat my camera on the table already turned on and took this snap.  He was not impressed and I never got another opportunity again to take a photo of him.

There cattle station my brother and sister inlaw does not back onto a beach. 

The cattle property they own is in the middle of Queensland.

I am so looking forward to our holiday and sharing with you more sunset photos and pictures of how the kiddies have grown.
Hope you all have a great weekend?  Thanks for stopping by.

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