Our first Halloween

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This year was our first Halloween was fantastic.

How did we end up celebrating Halloween is a question I have been asked?  A couple of years ago we had some children come to our door trick or treating and after that the children have been nagging/asking constantly if we could celebrate it.

Last year I was in the Philippines and celebrated All Souls Day. This year I had run out of excuses for why we could not celebrate Halloween.

In as a way of preventing the children’s disappointment, we drove around our neighbour hood and put a note in the letterbox, informing them that we would be visiting on Sunday afternoon and asking for either a trick or treat.  What surprised me was how much effort our neighbours went too.  There were carved pumpkins and watermelons, candles and fairy lights, balloons, costumes, lollies (candy) and chocolate gallore.

As we were visiting our last house a heap of teenagers arrived and I told them where we had letterbox dropped.  They raced off and after an hour they arrived at our door and said that they had gotten heaps of lollies (candy) and chocolates.  My neighbours are the best.

This is the first pumpkin I carved.

How cool is that.
I did carve another larger pumpkin which didn’t last very long, before it melted.
All the shops had sold out of whole pumpkins so I carved a Rockmelon instead.
The neighbours watermelon looked better.

So proud of my little witch.  She is growing up to be just like her mother.

Where did the ghost go?  Dracular managed to keep his cape on for 5 minutes before it was too hot.  I wonder if the real Dracular got hot too?

Look at the little crowd.  They got really good at saying “trick or treat, there are 8 of us”
Can you spot the craved pumpkin?  How cool are our neighbours?
For those that don’t know, Australian’s don’t celebrate Halloween, so for our neighbours to go through the effort to carve pumpkins, hang balloons, wear costumes and give our lollies (candy) is a HUGE deal.
Apparently this year Halloween has been a big deal.  I bet you that next year it will be bigger.


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