Jacaranda trees, water melon and slip & slides

Out in full bloom in Queensland at the moment are Jacaranda trees.

My earliest memories of this tree was playing in the sand pit at school and we would thread the flowers onto little sticks and make them stand up in the sand.  There would be a whole sand pit filled with what looked like tall purple grass.

Each year when these trees bloom I think about that memory and cramming for exams.  This years is when young and old students are preparing for end of year exams.  While in university I would look out the window from the library and marvel at the beauty of these trees and trying to take the edge off my anxiety of handing in my assignments and not thinking about how much it will mean to my overall result.

Jacaranda trees, cold water melon and water slides using an old piece of plastic is what I love the most about this time of year.

Have a great weekend!  And next week I will have some great halloween costume pictures to share.


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