Gather your best organic unsalted butter

And I mean the best

Take off the wrappers and put them in the pan

On the lowest setting melt the butter and don’t let it bubble over or your going to regret the smell of burnt butter

after about 10 minutes the butter bubbles start to disappear and you will be able to scoop off the foam

Set aside the foam as this is an impurity

The butter will continue to foam and these need to be scooped off

This butter will burn if you don’t keep an eye on it

Slowly now this can take about 1 hour

Eventually the butter will only be oil. Nice and oily

Now a glass jug will work the best.  I folded over the muslin cloth 4 times and held in on with a rubber band.

Lucky for me a had an extra hand staying this week so I got some action shots

Notice on the bottom of the pan is more impurities, these can burn if your not careful and your ghee will taste nasty

I washed and dried the muslin prior

Look at that beautiful ghee

and not a drop single impurity

while the ghee is still hot pure into a clean jar

Lovely yummy ghee

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