My son, my love

When picking the children up from school this afternoon and my son wanted my attention badly.

I was chatting with another parent and he kept interupting the conversation with:

My son, “Mum my sister just smacked me in the face”

Mum, “yes darling, I will deal with her in a minute”

My son, “Mum my eyes are stinging”

Mum, “yes I hear you, I will see her in a minute”

My son, “I was a big stick Mummy”

Mum, “Yes sweet heart, I will deal with her in a minute”

I know you your nodding head right now, cause many parents have had this type of conversation with their children.

Then my son did the most funniest thing, he put his face inbetween my breast and shook his face from side to side.

There was a funny moment where none of the parents standing around knew what to say and we all nervously laughed.

And I was a little relieved because he normally stands on my foot or grabs my arm and start pulling me away from the conversation, it is an ASD thing.

After making him stop, I grabbed at his little face and said “and you were breast fed too”, which cracked everyone up.

If you don’t get the joke, I was referring to the age old argument that men who are facinated by breast where bottle fed as babies and men who were breastfed are facinated by lovely legs or bottoms on women.

The other startling fact is my son is now so tall his face is my chest high.  Where have the years gone?  Hug your babies ladies because they will be all grown up soon.


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