Growing in a rural city in the middle of Queensland we didn’t have many chain store fast food.  One of my fondest memories about fast food coming to our small city was donut king.

watching the small rings drop into the hot oil
watching them race ever so slowly up the oil conveyor belt
Lucky there is class between me and the donuts or I would be grabbing at them

My old boss use to call these Dog Nuts.  My Mum hates it when my children ask for Dog Nuts.
Mum are they ready yet

Ok Mum I will call them Donuts if you buy me 6.
I can almost feel the hot donuts burning the roof of my mouth
Lucky us the shop attendant forgot to ask us pay for them.  Must have been our drooling faces pushed up again the glass.
Lucky for her I am honest and insisted on paying.
Hope you all have a great day.