For the last couple of weeks I have been trying out various india dishes and love how I am brining in new flavours to our household.

This week I made indian cheese called paneer.

There are very good recipes to be found on the internet here and here. This would make a great experiment for those homeschooling mothers or in our household my son loves any experimenting.

I rang out of fresh lemon juice and used a tablespoon of white vinegar.
Starting to form little bits of cheese.

Don’t forget to take the milk off the heat.

At this point I was really excited because now I could see the cheese.

Was a little difficult to pour out the cheese into cheese cloth without any little helpers.
Then I squeeze out all of the excess liquid.
Wrap the cheese and put something heavy ontop, pop into the fridge.
It has been one of my life dreams to make cheese.  Over ten years ago I wanted to attend a cheese making class and for one reason or another didn’t end up going.
Now I have made cheese in my own kitchen.
Did you do something exciting this weekend?