Wedding dresses

My little sister is getting married and she has come to stay with us while on holidays.  Wedding fever has hit our home and we have been discussing all things bridal.

I am passing on homemade wedding websites for her to look at and dropping suggestions about

The wedding is not until 2012 and my little sister is more than happy to flicking through Bridal magazines and is in no rush to start planning the wedding.

My favourite daughter, who was born covered in glitter can’t be more than happy for her favourite Aunty. They sit flicking through Bridal magazine together discussion the merits of each dress, wedding theme and jewellery.

The three of us girls went shopping on the weekend and happened to wander into a formal dress shop. We looked at the cocktail dresses and my six year old daughter was holding up the size six mini dress to herself and was looking in the mirror. Yes she was more than content to walk around picking out outfits for her Aunt and herself.

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The surprise came when we were discussing the style of dresses for the bride’s maids when my daughter pulling out a dress off the rack and said very loudly “hey Aunty this dress looks like a duck”.
Her Aunty had to agree with the assessment of the style of dress and we all hurriedly left the store, giggling.
Apparently when the two of them have been reading Bridal magazines together my sister had described a style of dress as looking like a duck.
Well my darling daughter was right, the dress did look like a duck and we have been giggling about it since.
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