Crochet and Biscuits

Since I have finished my last crochet project, I was at a loose end and not sure what I wanted to do next.

This magazine subscription has been advertised on TV and decided to check it out.  The reason being, I want to learn new stitches and struggle to find time for classes etc

I like the idea of learning a new pattern each week and decided I could keep up with crocheting one new square per week to make this afgan.
Plus the magazine supplies the wool with each issue. 
At the newsagency I purchase the only available first issues, second issue for a grand total of $7.90 which included 1 x DVD, 1 x  hook, 1 x A4 binder, 2 x magazine and 3 x balls of wool. 
Yes I know how to find a bargain.
At home I had a closer look at the small print and the website which goes onto further explain that from week / issue 3 each will now cost $7.95 for next 117 weeks.
For the bargain basement price of $938.05 you too can crochet the below afghan.  I am still not sure if I can commit to making it because 120 weeks is a long term relationship for me and I’m getting all twitchy just thinking about it.
As a single gal, commitment and I don’t see eye to eye.
I break out in a cold sweat and start stammering when the word comes up in conversation.
Each evening when I sit down to crochet there is normally a cup of tea and biscuit or two consumed
My last blanket was 110 squares and that equates to over 100 cups of tea and possibly 200 biscuits.  Wow now I understand why I have love handles.
With this new blanket I am going to restrict my biscuit intake to only 1 per cup of tea.  I hope that doesn’t mean I will be drinking more tea, so I can eat an extra biccy. 
It was like that time in my life I smoked cigarette only when I drank alcohol, so I started drinking more alcohol so I could smoke.  Crazy huh. 
98% of the biscuits consumed in my house are homemade and at least one of the ingredients is chocolate, like the ones I posted about here.

My weakness in store brought biscuits is Arnotts Kingstons and now I have a recepe to make my own, which I found here.

From now on I will keep posting about my crochet-square-per-week and confess how many biscuits were consumed in the making.  Hopefully the guilt will hold me back from cheating and eating more than one.
Does eating cookie dough count?
Still twitching…

One response to “Crochet and Biscuits”

  1. That's very funny but also incredibly dodgy of the people who make the magazine! I'm cursing that there is a link on this post for homemade kingstons. Especially so close to summer. They look divine.

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