As a kid I hated fishing
the only thing I ever caught was mozzie bites and a very bad attitude towards fishing
When my favourite son wanted to go fishing I called in Uncle Dave.
Uncle Dave had the patience of a saint and loves his nieces and nephews.
It was Uncle Dave that finally helped the littlies master the art of writing the letter ‘e’.
As the littlies struggled with mastering the art of shoe laces it was Uncle Dave that helped speak their language.
Even Uncle Dave struggled with teaching the lesson of sitting sit long enough for the fish to bite.
It was more interesting casting and whineding in the line.
Don’t worry the Princess managed to find a way to keep herself busy, by naming all the worms.
And wrapping them around her wrists and neck to make braclets and necklaces.
Think I will stick to my knitting.
Thanks for stopping by.

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