Kids artwork

Sorry for the poor lighting of these shots, the only camera I had was the cell phone.   Kids say the funnies, darnest things sometimes and I am left with my mouth flapping in the breeze unable to think of how to respond.

Here is how my children make me laugh in the most unexpected way.  Let me explain.

After school the children had a painting acitivity
Don’t you love the bright colors?
It is spring in our part of the world and we are celebrating.
The children use either crayons, paint or spray paint to create beautiful pieces of art.
above is my favourite daughters drawing and i love it
definately one of my favourites
I think I am going to trace over it and embroid this master piece onto a hanky and carry it with me everywhere.

above is my favourite son’s painting and i love it
his interpretation of this piece is…
‘Mum and Dad trapped in a fire plant’
I managed to keep a straight face and dutifully grabbed my cell phone camera and started to take shots of his ‘master piece’.
We look happy!
Think I am going to frame it and hang it up, where I don’t know, any suggestions?
Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day šŸ™‚

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