Wagyu Beef Pie

While out shopping on the weekend I was starting to feel a little bit hungry and was considering heading home to make a healthy lunch.

Me, out shopping and wanting to go home and cook for 1, now that is crazy. Clearly I was not thinking, dreaming, imagining, had no intention of eating healthy and physically was not going to stop myself from buying lunch when I saw the Wagyu Beef Pie sign.

As you would know I have a weakness for meat pies.  Raise your hands if you do all the cooking in your house?  Keep your hands raised if you enjoy eat out occasionally?  Well follow me as I try to explain my most recent eating out experience. (Except for the fine dining experience at Miss O’s house, which I rate as 5 star and was too embarrassed to take photos)

Back to the Wagyu Beef Pie experience.
What is Wagyu? Is the question I asked the waitress and she had no idea, I knew it was some kind of Japanese Cattle breed, so was willing to give it a taste test.

Now I do class myself as a pie connoisseur and was expecting a high class pie because the coffee shop I was about to purchase this little beauty from has a good reputation for its food.

Over all I can say I was completely unhappy.

The pie looked ok but that pastry was on the dry, tough side.

If you looked inside there seemed to be chunks of meat, except the gravy that held it all together was spicy, which didn’t go well with the over salty butter sauce on the lid of the pie.

Half way through eating the pie I didn’t want anymore. If this was wagyu beef then I couldn’t tell, for all I knew it could have been regular fed grain beef or slow cooked chuck.

The salad was nice and I liked it.

The French dressing didn’t complement the spicy meat pie.

Washing it all down with Ginger Beer didn’t help either.

Is there anywhere in South East Queensland that sells excellent meat pies?  Is it so hard to find a pie with melt in your mouth pastry that is filled with slow cooked, good quality beef and rich gravy.   *sigh*


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