Little Miss Chihuahua

In a time not far, far away a young women walked pasted a pet shop that had two chihuahua puppies in the window.

The young women brought the two puppies and gave one to her Mum and kept one for herself and called her Little Miss.
This young women had a baby girl and the baby girl would play with Little Miss like she is a doll.
All the baby born prams, potties and clothes have been used in play dates with Little Miss.
Little Miss didn’t like the dummy and didn’t know how to use it.
If this dog could talk I wonder what she would be saying. 
My favourite daughter truly believes that this dog is her toy.
Don’t get us started on the list of demands that we got after my favourite daughter watched the movie Beverley Hills Chihuahua
Nope we will not be buy or wearing doggy boots.
Little Miss does love all the attention she gets and yes in the above photo she in the basket under the toy pram.
I am sure there is never any protest from the dog whenever she has to ride in the trunk.
When Little Miss has had enough ‘playing’ she hides under a bed.
She looks kind of sleepy.
On occasions I have walked past the pram and noticed that Little Miss is still riding in the trunk long after my favourite daughter has moved onto another toy to play with.
The kids love giving Little Miss a bath and it always ends up with all of us getting wet.  When Little Miss was a puppy I would bath her in the hand basin and now that she is all grown up, she is now big enough for the laundry sink.

Here is how we show our little dog some lovin with an all over brush and scratch.

Do you think she likes it?
We love you Missy, happy 11 birthday.

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