Granny Square Joining Update 2

My granny square blanket is over a quarter done and last night I spent most of my hooking time sewing in the ends. It occurred to me that once I get to the end of joining my squares I will have a huge queen size blanket which might be a little difficult to handle when sewing in the ends, especially around the middle of the blanket.

I am a little frustrated by my lack of progress on this blanket. In my head I know that time wise I only have about 1 hour per day that I can commit to this blanket because I am a single mother who works 5 days per week and my weeks ends are either spent playing with my children or cleaning/gardening.

As the buds start to form on my lime tree I know that my baby brother will be getting this blanket as the warmer months approach. This blanket has been over 10 years in the making and much love has gone into it by both my mother and me. It just a shame that once it is finished it will sit in a cupboard until winter next year.

Am I just getting sentimental at giving away this blanket? Do you get emotionally attached to your crochet projects?


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