Not so happy meal

Roughly about every 12 months or so I give in to the constant requests from my children for a McDonalds Happy Meal.

The reason I don’t like my children eating the happy meals is firstly the food is bad for you and secondly the really bad behaviour afterwards.

My children can eat McDonald ice-cream and have no reaction.

My children can eat McDonal french fries and have no reaction.

Given them any food item on the menu other than those two and you got two crazy kids on your hands.

And to be perfectly honest, they don’t like to eat the nuggets or burgers or wraps, they just want the cheap toy.

My resolve gives in when we are 30 minutes away from home, needing to use the bathroom and the kids are STARVING!  Within 10 minutes I am reminded of the fact that McNuggest don’t bring out the best behaviour in my favourite children.

Yep I will say it again, no more McAdditive for us.

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