Granny square joining

Now that I have completed 110 granny squares I have to find a way to join them.
Using the instructions that I found here, I am now slowly getting there.
As a kids I was never good at estimating, I would always quickly do the math and subtrack 1 or add 1 just so it looked like a random number.
I have applied the same random arranging of the granny squares before carefully using the above photo to stay ontrack with my random joining together.
Does that make me a control freak?
Who cares really?
My brother will soon be the proud owner of this granny square blanket and I bet you a dollar he doesn’t even care about the not so random squares.
Our weather has turned over night from bright blue skys to grey with persistant rain.  My plans for heading to the beach this weekend will have to go on hold.
Happy voting everyone this Saturday!
Don’t forget to buy up big at the fundraising sausage sizzles and cakes stands they are run by hard working volunteers and the money is used to benefit the local communities.

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