Cupcake Crazy

Ok I confess I make heaps of cupcakes (and biscuits) and have gone a little crazy of the different wrappers that are available. 

What different coloured cupcake wrapper, you say?  Yup there is a huge market for colourful, pokadot and themed cupcake wrappers.

Check out these lovelies:

Now here is my favourite part, if you are bored with these cupcake wrappers, why not spend a few more hours making your own.  Here and here are some templates that you can print out, cut and assemble to show off your mighty cupcake creations.

My final confession is…  I am putting all my love into the cupcake tasting GREAT and only a little bit of effort goes into making them look good. 

from my kitchen and the wrappers were purchased at

After the baking is done, the washing up has happened, the dishes are dry and put away, my kitchen benches are cleaned and all the baking flour, sugar, eggs, butter etc are put away, I am exhausted, there is not more time left for cutting out and assembling pretty wrappers. After I am finished baking my cupcakes I would rather sit down, put my feet up and enjoy eating a freshly made cupcake with a cup of tea.

** Updated 23/8/2010

I did purchase one of these cupcake couriers to transport 36 Chocolate Cupcakes to a bake sale on the weekend and it is fantastic.

It arrived within 2 days of purchase and for less than $50AU I am impressed by the size of the container and how much food you can fit inside.

as a working Mum I don’t get to watch Oprah until I am at home having a sick day, other wise I would have know that this was one of her favourite things.
And I will definately will tackle a double layer cake now.  Because all you have to do is take out the middle sections and you have this.

Or I can bake one of those giant cupcakes using this silicone mould.

Here is the question, would I be bothered with making a special paper wrapper for the base?  If you want to just enlarge the ones I found here and here on a photocopier, use as a template and cut out using your best cupcake paper.


3 responses to “Cupcake Crazy”

  1. Those are amazing cupake holders! So intricate and pretty. But I have to admit, I'm like you, I'd rather that my cupcakes taste good than look pretty. 🙂

  2. This is so interesting! Can you bake the cupcakes in this pretty wrappers?

  3. G'day Henya, the pretty cupcake wrappers don't like the heat of the oven. After you have baked your cupcake in normal cupcake paper, cooled, iced and then slip them in the pretty casing prior to serving.

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