Dallas Steele

Last year I went to two concerts.

The first concert that I went to was Pink and wow I was in awe at what that lady can do with her voice. She didn’t miss an note even when flying on a trapeze or hanging upside down.

Lucky for me my little sister shouted me to Beyonce, the lady has a knock out act and really powerful voice.

Both acts were first class, highly technical and perfect.

Last night I spent a couple of hours at the Jubilee Hotel checking out a new act and also my mother’s second cousin.

I invited my mother to come with me to the Jubilee Hotel and watch a live country act. My Mum is a huge country music fan and was curious about the family connection.

Our night started out with a warm up performance from Bernie Carson, she was out standing. Her voice was big and with great control, she delivered her original songs with just a touch of cutesy.

It was here, at this point in the night, after the warm up performance and before the main performance that Mum and I started to compare the music we listened to regularly and what we had just see and heard.

My recent experiences at concerts were polished, perfect and (how can I put this) staged.

The person who we had come to see, Dallas Steele was working the room, chatting to everyone and covering everyone in the whole pub, trying to get as many people in the room. He performed an acoustic set trying to drum up business and I felt my Sinicism melt at this man literally performing for his supper.

My experience with perfect, polished performances had given me the outlook that all music concerts were performed like a music video.

As the main performance started Mum expressed her concern about Dallas’s voice and lack of prowess. I had to reassure Mum that it was the sound mixers fault because he had the guitars too loud. Funny enough someone from the audience approached Dallas and told him about the problem, which was fixed immediately.

Dallas also told the audience that it was the base players first time performing with the band and apologies for calling out the change in chords. Calling out away from the mic a loud audible “e”, made the performance feel real and intimate.

As each song was sung with a rich baritone voice, you could feel connects with the audience grow. Song about loss, droving and truck drivers brought out my own memories. The wind in the wattle is a song close to my heart because everyone on the land fears a horse fall that can kill. I said a small prayer for my own family because we have only had a broken arm.

There was a spine chilling moment when the audience sang along to ‘Browndogs song’ and ‘Browndogs song: The sequel’.

As we sat there smelling the rum in the room, listening to music that connected with our hearts and watching this man belting out his baritone voice trying to earn a living as a music man, I was impressed.

This music concert had more punch than any polished performance that I had attended in the last 2 years.

Last night was a privilege.  Dallas thanks for keeping it real.

Has there been a time when you’ve regain a new respect and dumped your Sinicism?


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