Catching the train

Each working day I catch the train into the city centre.

The train journey takes about 10 minutes.

The station attendant is called Omar.

I am not sure what country Omar comes from but he has a very thick South American accent.

It always gives me a giggle to hear Omar on the loud speaker.

Omar loves his job and is very enthusiastic with every aspect.

Adding value to your Go Card is not done at the impersonal machine, Omar will wave you over to his counter and will ask about your morning.

He makes sure that there are no spider webs at his station.

There is no sign of rubbish on his platform, not one cigarette butt.

When a train is approaching he doesn’t wait for the automated announcement, he announces the trains estimated time of arrival.

Omar is very professional when making announcements.

His accent is what makes me smile and giggle.

“Een seeks minutes, thee seety trrrain wheel bee arrivring on plaitform do.”


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