Helping the elderly

The elderly are just like over aged teenagers. We are unable tell them how to live their lives.

Like teenagers the elderly sometimes make decisions that don’t make sense.

They also have earned the right to be a little stubborn.

What I love about hanging out with the elderly are there fantastic stories.  I can hear them over and over again.

The elderly are living encyclopedia’s whom you can call upon for help with homework.

I love saying, “Hey Pa, tell the kids about when there were no telephones”.

I love too how neighbors and friends rally around to support the elderly.

Pa moved this weekend and all of his friends helped.

It took me 2 days to pack up his unit, 3 hours to move (friends and nephew helped) and 8 hours to unpack.

Like teenagers the elder fight hard to keep their independence.

Our ageing population means there are more and more people in need of our assistance.

We need to keep the elderly at home longer and us, as a community need to be vigilant in helping them.

How can you help? Get to know your neighbors, there will be someone living close by who appreciate their lawn being mowed, or driving them anywhere (if they don’t drive anymore), or dropping in with freshly made biscuits.

There are endless opportunities to help someone elderly in your community or social circle, the rewards for you is a friendship the will stay with you for your life time.


One response to “Helping the elderly”

  1. Hi there, I started looking at your blog because I was looking a baby quilts and you came up, and I love crochet so I got looking at that, and have now ventured onto this post. I'm really disappointed you haven't got a gazillion comments because its really well written, and a lovely post ! I am working in the aged care industry and its a great way of looking at elders !! Thank you !! I gathered you were from Qld, funnily enough I live in Brisbane, in The Gap….small world. I don't have a blog but if I had one, I'd want it to be as good as yours. x

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