Ticks are a way of life in Australia, especially in the state of Queensland.  Unfortunately my family is allergic to ticks.  Every Australian household has there own way of dealing with removing and treating tick bites.

This last week both my children were bitten by a grass tick and there was no surprise that both reacted to those bites.  Given the fact that my son has anaphylaxis and servere allergies, I was not surprised when they both had a reaction.

My family has a history of allergic reactions to bandicoot ticks and grass ticks.

Here is a photo of my brother when he was young and his reaction to a bandicoot tick bite.

Notice how half his face has swollen up.  It would take up to two weeks for the swelling to go down.
Lucky my children don’t have this kind of reaction.

One response to “ticks”

  1. That's too bad about the allergies for your children & thank God they are lucky enough not to have allergic reactions like that pic. Best wishes to you & your family.Kind Regards,Percy!!!

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