We won wool

We were running our errands today, the children and I, when we stopped in at Spotlight and we participated in a knitting-for-the-needy group thing.

While we were knitting and loaming my son and I entered into a guessing competition of, how many balls of wool in the basket?

To our surprise we got a call saying my son had guessed the closests number of balls!!!  Yey, him, yey us 🙂

We drove back to Spotlight and picked up my son’s prize. When we were asked ‘what was the number we guessed’? 
I guessed 47.
And my son had guessed 52.
He reasoned, there were 13 balls of wool across the top and there looked to be about 4 layers of wool.
We were all impressed with the amount of thought and calculation that my son put in, to guess 52.
We actually won 50 balls of wool and the basket!
How cool is that?
Looks like I will be making more of these and knitting a few square blankets-for-the-needy.

One response to “We won wool”

  1. Congrats on the win! I can never manage to guess those things right.

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