Boys jumpers

My son is alway loosing his jumpers, so I decided to make him one.
Using this jumper, I cut around using pinking shears.
After cutting out half of the pattern, I flipped it so I could cut it out the other side exactly.  For photography purposes I put a white bag inbetween the layers.
On the fold I cut out one sleeve.
Checked that it would fit properly.
Using the sleeve that I had cut out I used it as the pattern for the next sleeve.  Once again I put a white bag between the layers for photography purposes.
On the fold I cut out the rectangle that would make the hood.
With a small left over piece of material I made a pocket on the front of the jumper to keep my son’s hands warm.
Sew all the pieces together.
One adjustment that I made was cutting a v in the neck at the front, because the head area was too small.

My son has tried on his new jumper and he loves it because it was made with Mummy Love!
I’ll post a photo of the finished product when it is daylight.

Oh and I forgot to mention that the hood was too big for the neck hole, so I gathered the material a little at the back, prior to sewing.

My favourite son loves the extra large hood on his jumper because it reminds him of Darth Vader.

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