Y front underwear should be band?

There should be a worldwide band on white underwear for men.  Warning, this blog might affend, if you don’t have a sense of humor.

Why do men want to wear white underwear? Rarely do men wear white trousers, the only exception I can think of would be white suits at formals / weddings and lawn bowlers.

Growing up with 3 brothers and having to help my mother with the washing I never came across the skid mark phenomena. My first live in relationship there was never any issues with the underwear.

Over that last 10 years or so I have come across the brown stain underwear drama that has plagued many a washer women, partner, wife and mother.

Is this genetic, like having a belly button that is either sticks out slightly or is slightly inward. For males that leave skid marks on there underwear, is it because they have a slightly protruding butt hole?

Nor do I think this problem comes from the scrunch and fold debate of toilet paper. Because lets face it, what sane person would walk around knowing they didn’t wipe their bum clean after going to the toilet?

My solution is for all boys and men is to wear brown or black underwear.  If they need to wear cream or white trousers, then go commando (no underwear). Just image if that were true, you would know the guys who had a protruding one because he would sit down at all in the white pants.  At your local lawn bowling club all the innies would be sitting down drinking there beer and the outies would be standing up.

If this post has not already corrupted your sense of self or given your terrible visual flashes, then please don’t google ‘white underwear’ or ‘white y fronts’. For curious people that will have to google just because I said don’t, you will be sorry.

The reason that there are no pictures to go with this blog is because I am still recovering from what I saw after googling ‘white underwear’.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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