Kids Speak

This morning as I was trying to encourage the children to leave the comforts of my warm big bed and Mummy cuddles and start our day.
Our conversation took a sudden turn with me saying “it would be lovely to stay here and have a _”
and I was going to add Nanny, bring us breakfast in bed.
When my favourite daughter piped up and said “slave” in the most dead pan voice.
The fantasy was totally broken and the illusion of having a lovely nanny bring us steaming porridge into bed and warm up our clothes before starting our day, ended with one word, ‘slave’.
At the time it was funny because she took the word out of my mouth while my head was racing to find a more PC / child friendly version like, nanny, house keeper, maid etc
Time for me to stop reading 1960 classic children story books to the children and go back to reading Andy Griffiths books about Zombie Bums.

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