Masterchef Australia left a bitter tast again

Masterchef contestant Marion Grasby pictured at Channel Ten studios, Pyrmont, yesterday. Source: AdelaideNow
Once again I am left with a bitter taste in my mouth after watching an episode of Masterchef Australia and I am left wondering if I will be bothered watching this show again next year.
This reality shows drew me in with the characters of everyday people and offered a wholesome entertainment value package that was nice and sweet and I ate it up in bucket loads.
My confidence is gone in the judges and the whole show doesn’t taste so good anymore.
I am confused as to how Aaron and Jimmy, two of the show’s self confessed above average cooks, offered the judges very average french coq au vin and didn’t get elimated, during an elimation show.  Gary and George went to great lengths to split hairs over the contestants attempts at a dish both Aaron and Jimmy didn’t even know.
Then we have Marion, the front runner of the competition, stand out star and Asian food expert, was elimated over a satay sauce.
When I buy satay sauce it is doesn’t have a yellow ting, nor is it runny, it is lumpy and I have to shake the bottle until my teeth rattle, trying to get it out because it is so thick.
We the audiance know that Marion can make satay sause on a bad day, while blind folded, chewing a mouthfull of marbles, this show has got to be rigged.
Now I am left with a bitter taste in my mouth and it is not the first time.
After this series ends I will not be watching Masterchef.  The show has peeked in popularity and shat on its viewers by playing the competition card only when it suited the judges and not the viewers.
Surely I am not the only one thinking like this?
Or was Marion really have a very bad day?

One response to “Masterchef Australia left a bitter tast again”

  1. As much as I love cooking and watching regular cooking shows on PBS (public-supported television in US), I haven't even seen most of the cooking shows people refer to because I don't have cable. And I don't really like the cooking competition shows I've had a glimpse of as they are just too tense. I like mellow!

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