granny squares

I am crocheting lots of granny squares to complete a blanket that my mother started a few to many years ago.

There have been are three major challenges along the way.
1) It is impossible to match the small amount of acrylic wool Mum had.

2) Mum’s crocheting style is looser than mine and I have had to try a few different hook sizes in an attempt to match her squares.

3) This style of granny crocheting requires stopping and starting all the time. When crocheting a huge granny square there is a repetition of the pattern that becomes like a chant which goes on and on for hours. These little ones you are stopping and starting to change the wool; start a new square and sew in the ends, with hardly any time to form a chant.

Thought I would liven things up a little bit with my brothers blanket and throw in some pink and purple squares 🙂



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