Tupperware is an important part of my life, here are some interesting facts about the relationship I have with Tupperware.

* I’ve been going to Tupperware parties for over 20 years.

* Some of my best memories with my Mother are at Tupperware parties.

* I call Tupperware, Plastic-fantastic.

* Quiz me on any of the products and I can tell you all the benefits and features.

* Each year I host at least 2 Plastic-fantastic parties and have HUGE sales and multiple party bookings.

* I am the Hostess-of-the-Mostess and even if you hate Tupperware when you come to my party, you will leave loving it. Ok well at least having a new respect for it and maybe even liking it a little.

* Why I love Tupperware parties is because they are fun and you get something for free every time.

* Tupperware has been trying to recruitment for years.

* When I bake I use only Tupperware products, except for a few different shaped tins

* When I moved house once, all my Tupperware was stolen by the removalist.  Or lost in transit, they say, it still hasn’t turned up after 5 years.

* My Tupperware Lady had to provide me with a quote on what I had spent in the last 3 years on Tupperware and its value for the insurance company.  The value was over $3000 and I still mourn for the never to be replaced, one off productions, collector items that have sentimental value that no amount of money can replace.

* My (now ex) husband brought a fridge with the money we got from the insurance company for my stolen Tupperware.

* Once I hosted a Tupperware party in the evening and my (now ex) husband said I couldn’t spend any money on Tupperware, but only get the free gifts.

* All my Tupperware parties that I hosted while I was married was during business hours, except for one disastrous one that I held in the evening, where I thought my (now ex) husband would look after the kids.

* When I move house I never write on the outside of the box Tupperware, I write feminine hygiene products.
* Once a Tupperware Lady insulted me with a throw away line “I have heard that story a thousand times”. I had never met this women before and she was referring to the time I chose to rescue my Tupperware coffee mug over my car keys, when my car and I were being swept away in a flash flood.

* I once cancelled a Tupperware order because the a Tupperware Lady who had only just met me, insulted me over one of the worst days of my life.


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