My Brown eyes

When I was young I had white blonde hair, fair skin and light brown eyes.  As I got older my hair grew darker, my skin gathered freckles and my eyes stayed brown.
The children’s father has light grey eyes, dark olive skin and dark hair.
Our children are a mix of our genes and show our heritage.  If I was breeding cattle, horses or dogs you could look at the blood lines to see where the throw back of genetic traits come from.
The trouble with many of us Australian’s, we are short on knowledge of our blood lines. We are a bunch great, great grandchildren of ex convicts who wanted a fresh start in life. 
I have traced my family history and when I interviewed my Great Aunties about my blood lines, they would shake their collective heads and say ‘we don’t speak about that’.  All because my grandmother had a child, my father, out of wedlock.
My brown eyes come from my father, my daughter green eyes are just like my mothers and my sons eyes are just like my niece.
Irish blood runs strong in my family and I am proud that my children have inherited many irish traits like the fair hair, fair skin, light eyes, quick witt, music talented and generous heart.
How does genetics play a part in your family?

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