Love and Massages

We are on a week of Sundays and I am loving it.

My local coffee shop isn’t use to seeing us on a Wednesday and the casual on duty brought my regular cup of coffee in a regular cup. This is not good because I never get to drink a whole cup of coffee sitting down while out shopping with my children.

I repeat I never, ever get to drink a whole cup of coffee because my son just can’t sit still long enough for me to consume the whole cup.  Normally I get my coffee in a take away cup.

My son, my first born, my precious, the light of my life turns to me and points to the top of my coffee cup  and says “there is a love heart on top”.

He says “look Mum a heart, it is because you have some much love and everyone loves you lots”.

Yep that’s my boy, I could just eat him up with a spoon.

Dam it I am just going to have to drink this whole cup of coffee now.

What my son does next makes me melt into a pool of love that I still haven’t recovered from; he opened to up a sugar, poured into my cup and stirred my coffee and said “there you go Mum, drink up all that love”.

I did what any self respecting mother would do and took a photo, cause I want to remember that moment forever.

Next the kiddies went off to the movies  to see Shrek 4 with Poppy while I take my Nanna for a mini massage.

Going for a neck and foot massage seemed like a good idea. We had 2 hours to kill and I didn’t want to wander around too much.  There are so many sales on at the moment I am sure that I would want to save myself heaps of money buy purchasing a few bargains.

Our massage started out well with a good feet soaking and then the massage of the neck and shoulders started. A raging argument started out in my head and my personality split into three. The argument roared within:

Life Coach “this massage is good for you”

Mid Wife “you went through 20 hours of natural labor, you can do this”

The Sook “why did I think this was going to be relaxing?”

Life Coach “you have needed this for a long time”

Mid Wife “you gave birth to a 9 pound baby, drug free”

The Sook “her elbows are like ball point pens stabbing into me”

Life Coach “remember when Andrea gave you a massage for your birthday, you survived that”

Mid Wife “massages are easy”

The Sook “yes and my rump was bruised and a kaleidoscope of colors for a month’

Life Coach “relax, this is suppose to be fun”

Mid Wife “breath”

The Sook “has she noticed that I screwed up my face into a permanent grimace”

Life Coach “if you relax it will hurt less”

Mid Wife “you have stopped breathing again”

The Sook “my nose is running because I have squeezed my eyes shut so tight the tears cann’t come out”

Life Coach “you children are having fun, this is time out for you, all you have to do is choose to relax”

Mid Wife “remember you gave birth at home with no drugs”

The Sook “if I reach for my bag and get a tissue she will have to stop” (sniff)

Life Coach “it has only been five minutes don’t be a sook”

Mid Wife “suck it up”

The Sook “getting a tissue is your only way to MAKE HER STOP”

Life Coach “this is a not new for you, you have done this before”

Mid Wife “concentrate on your breathing and you’ll be fine”

The Sook “I just grabbed a tissue and she wacked my back with cupped hands the whole time. Is what people with cystic fibrosis go through everyday? This is insane”

Life Coach “you will thank me for this tomorrow”

Mid Wife “if you don’t start breathing soon you’ll pass out”

The Sook “Are muscles suppose to click when they are rubbed?”

Life Coach “your Mother is sitting beside and hasn’t uttered a peep”

Mid Wife “yep, after birth pain was easier than this”

The Sook “I think I have pulled a muscle in my face from grimacing”

Life Coach “suck it up buttercup”

Mid Wife “it will end”

The Sook “Thank you God, that was the longest 15 minutes of my life”

My mother looks at me and says “that was great, now for our feet!”

There was a small explosion in my head and a large silent Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Must remember to write in my diary that I don’t like massages.


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