Pa turned 81 today

We love Pa has been down staying with us for the weekend.

We gave Pa 3 blocks of Lindt Chilli Chocolate and he ate 1 whole block before 4pm.

One of our favorite rituals when I was a stay at home Mum and Pa lived with us was to go out for coffee. Here we are today at one of our old coffee shops sharing a vanilla milkshake and eating sausage rolls, pastie and pie.

We drove Pa home and made sure that his fridge was stocked up with home cooked food (because it has love in it),\; his freezer is now full with his favorite ice-cream (Butterscotch Brickle) and we thanked his neighboured with chocolate muffins for looking out for him.

I am not sure how many more birthdays we will have with Pa and I worry every day about him living 100 kilometers away from us.

There is much joy in having Grandparents in your life. Pa has endless conversations with the kids and I about when telephones were introduced into society, ice boxes, cooking with offal and family members gone but not forgotten.

There are many stories and much love that I could pour into this post about Pa but I will leave that for another day.

Today Pa, my Father in Law, Grandfather to my favorite son and favorite daughter turned 81 year of age and I wish him good health for another year.


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