Sports Day

Our first sports day was fantastic.  The private school that the children attended previously didn’t have a sports day because the school didn’t believe in creating competition between the children. 

This was our first ever sports day and all of the North Side Small State Schools joined together to compete against each other for the glory of winning two shields.  There were 5 small schools particapating in the sports day with over 150 students in attendance.

Now I am not the best photographer, with my point and shoot camera but I am always taking photos trying to capture important events in our lives.

Also I am fighting off a cold and kept telling myself don’t yell cause I didn’t want to loose my voice.

In each race our school would only have one person participating, so I was clapping like mad my encouragement and hooting as the student ran past our section of the track.  Keeping in mind I needed to stay healthy all day for the kids.

Then one of my off spring stood on the starting line:
My heart was racing and I jumped six foot when the starting gun fired.
I managed to fire off a couple of action shots and couldn’t be more prouder.
I turned into a crazy women and started yelling my son’s name over and over again, my trigger finger was working it’s magic on the point and shoot camera.
I kept screaming at my off spring, totally caught up in the moment, not even caring where the camera was pointing, looking upon with pride at my favourite son running with the gooffy-ist grin on his face.
I am not going to bore you with endless photos of grass and streaks of children because I couldn’t get a decent shot off to save myself.   My favourite daughter and favourite son were in a relay race together and I nearly died with excitement.
My kids didn’t care about winning or loosing, they just wanted to run in a race and participate in the games.
I love the community spirit of parent helping out on the field by measuring, moving equipment and organising the students.  My small part of helping out, along with a heap of other parents to make over a 100 chicken or ham wraps for the kids lunches.
We throughly enjoyed our day!
It was a shame that our school bus left before the winning school was annouced because we won, both shields.  
We throughly enjoyed our day!  I think I already said that…
Oh and I was so sick with a fever and sore throat the next day I couldn’t go to work.

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  1. well done kiddies AND especially to Mummy – gotta love those photos !! hugs Sal xx

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