Art Display

This is an art display that I created using this idea. 
I have to confess that I didn’t think it would work and it had been many months since I read about the idea.  One afternoon on a kiddy free weekend, I was cleaning up and decided to attempt to make the art board.
The form boards I had been saving since buy a small up right freezer a couple of years ago.  I had cut out a small section to make this earing holder.

Using card board from breakfast cereal boxes I used craft glue to ‘stick’ all the pieces of foam together.  I found that the spray craft glue was not strong enough and melted the foam.
So sorry for not having any pictures, cause I was sure it wouldn’t work.
Funny enough I used enough glue for the card board to ‘stick’ all the bits together.
Then I ironed an old flanellet sheet, layed it out on the floor, layed the foam ontop, cut the material, leaving a 1 inch seam.
My last step was to stick pins into the material, in a horizonal direction, so it would keep the material in place.
By this stage I am kicking myself for not taking pictures because it looks like my wonky, foam board will stand up right.
This kids love having this display and it now sits on the end of our table.  They loved pinning up their art work and it is a talking point when we have visitors over.

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