Dear Pioneer Women,

Here is how we bake damper in Australia.  It is a bread that is cooked in a camp oven over a fire.

Use an old beetroot tin to throw in some self raising flour and a pinch of salt.

Grab a cup of water

Here is where we get our water from

Here you can see the bright green plastic cup used for measuring the water and shared with other cooks.
The big knife is used for mixing.  The men have long since forgotten about this missing item out of the butchering shed.
Must remember to use your hands cause that is where the love comes from, it that makes this style of cooking delicious.  Make big round mountains of flour, salt, water.  If you want to be fancy throw in some dried fruit and sugar.
A man can be handy with handling the hot stuff. See how the cook is making sure there is plenty of love in the mountain of flour, salt and water before it enters the hot camp oven.
The man making sure that the camp oven is full because he has some very hungry friends.
Putting the lid ontop of the camp oven is hot dirty work.  I do recall he said “I just dropped some hot coals in there accidently!  Oh well it will add more to the flavour”
Notice the women was no where to be seen or he would have gotten a clip over the ear for that.
I am sure that all the smoke adds flavour too and just in case you missed it.  Caution Hot!
The big square tins over the fire are boiling water for a nice cup of tea to wash down the damper.
Here is the end product, hot fluffy damper covered in butter and golden syrup.  Washing it all down with sweet, milk tea in a pannican (tin cup).
I love this Aussie food tradition and so do my kids

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