Childhood Vaccinations

Vaccination save lives this I understand.

At the time my son was born in 2002 the widely published medical paper from The Lancet in 1998 had linked the measles vaccine with autism. This paper was discredited and a retraction printed in May 2010.
It was this controversy that started my thirst for information about vaccination.
When my son was born we were going great guns until I started his vaccination shots at 6 weeks of age. From then on he failed to thrive (put on weight), only slept for 45 minutes every 2 hours and screamed constantly.

It was my intention to return to work when my son was 6 months old. Yeah right! Don’t all newly pregnant women think like that? I was living in a very deluded pre-children world where everything is planed and nothing ever goes wrong.

After my son had received his six month vaccination my gut instinct was telling me something was wrong. I made the decision that I he would not be getting anymore shots until I had more information about the side effects of each vaccination and I wanted him to ‘catch up’ with his weight gain.

There are plenty of pro vaccination books and government leaflets and I would recommend reading anti vaccination books to give yourself both sides of the debate, then make up your own mind.

My decision was to delay my second child’s vaccination schedule and choose which vaccinations I think has less side effects.

The proof in my own little experiment is the fully vaccinated from birth child has anaphylaxis, allergies and autism while my delayed vaccinated child is healthy.

The bright little spark got a special little cup fully of jelly babies after her needle, she wanted to know if she had to pee in the cup, after eating the lollies.   The Doctor, Nurse, Big Brother and I all laughed and said ‘no’ in union.

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