1. A person who stalks game
  2. A person who secretly follows someone, sometimes with unlawful intentions.

For years I have lived with being stalked and have gotten so use to it, it scares me how nonchalant I am.

Here are some of the stalker issues that I face:

  • House broken into
  • Stolen personal effects
  • Tapping on my windows
  • Peeping into my windows
  • Emails hacked
  • Photos copied off facebook
  • This blog copied
My resolve is that I will not live in fear and I won’t allow my children to live in fear. We except that a very sick person is following us around and when he is having a bad day, he takes it out on us, like break a window in our house or turning off the power when I am cooking dinner.

To the stalker who is reading this blog, get a life.


  1. one that fails to win: the losers of the game
  2. one that fails consistently, especially a person with bad luck or poor skills


You have lost because we don’t care.


Here is a tip, click here to find life.


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