baby clothes quilts

For the last year I have been slowly cutting out squares from my children’s baby clothes because I want to make each of them a quilt.  Not that I have ever made a fabric quilt before, that little fact is not going to stop me. 
There seems to be more and more of these beautiful blankets popping up on blogs all over the world and here are just a few:
This one is from Camille

Martha Stewart calls them Memory Quilts,
Friends of mine tragically lost a member of their family and they made a quit of of her clothes and gave one each to her children.
It because my mother lost her mother, my grandmother at 14 years of age make me aware of the profound longer effects of not having precious momentos.  My grandmother sewed heaps and yet my mother doesn’t have any items of clothing or quilts to remember her by.  We only have a few photos. 
My mother was deemed too young by her older sisters to keep anything of value or sentiment, they however didn’t hand anything over when she got older either, continuig with the judgemental attitude of ‘she wouldn’t care for it properly’. 
I have a box full of gifts, mementos and scrapbooks that I have prepared for my children.  My opinion is that we are all going to die one day and I want to be prepared.  I have gotten off subject and onto my soapbox …  getting down off my soap box.
This weekend I want to start piecing together what my quilts will look like and will take a leaf out of Camilla’s book and get a professional to finishing it all.

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  1. Hello.Thank you for linking to my baby clothes quilt.I would LOVE to see yours, when it is finished.Happy holiday weekend,Camille

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