Five faves from the weekend

Thanks Pip for running your five favourite things.

1.  Harry Potter – we had a movie marathon at home this weekend!  The kids and I snuggled up under the blankets on the sofa and watched Harry Potter DvDs all weekend.  It was a great way for me to finish off my DD blanket and the kids took turns on the laptop playing Mathletics.

2. Baking – when the house got a little nippy I would turn on the oven and wipe up a batch of Chill Choc Chip Cookies, choc slice and even managed Guiness Lamb Stew with Rosemary dumplings

3. Popcorn – all good movie marathons need popcorn with melted butter and salt

4. Pink Salt – as seen on Masterchef is the best tasting salt and I seriously need to stop putting it on everything

5. Street Dance the movie – we actually ventured out of the house and saw a 3D movie on Sunday because the children only cost $5 to get in for a PG rated movie.  For a non 3D PF movie, kids price is $2 which makes it a very affordable outing for our little family.


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