Letters to Juliete

Today I saw Letters to Juliete and was surprised at how great the movie it is.  I had intended on seeing Robin Hood, however it finished too late, so I chose Letters to Juliete because it ended when I needed. 

My priority today was killing 5 hours while my ex-father-inlaw (Wally) was at a function on the northside of the city.  Yes I am still great friends with my ex’s father and he comes down at least once a month to visit and I in turn visit him once a month.

Wally is 81 years of age and doesn’t drive and finds walking difficult so I drive him where ever he needs to be and wait until he wants to come home.

My expectations of the movie was seeing just another chick flick, which it is and so much more.  There is an innocence in the film that carry’s over and I loved it.  The film even pokes fun at itself for how corny love can be.

The best way to describe the movie is to tell you what was left out, there is no huge car crash, no explosion, no sex scene, no toilet humor, no foul language, no weapons, no rudeness, crude jokes or senslessness

Any movies that is shot in New York and Verona has got my vote and yes the film does its best to show each city in there own unique way.  I fell in love with one of the main characters, Larenzo who you hear about and yet don’t meet until the end.  Larenzo love the land of his birth and spent his youth falling in love with it and a beautiful English Girl called Claire.  The movie is all about a young American Women, Sophie who helps a mature Claire find her long lost love, Larenzo and discovers the true meaning of love along the way.

While watching I was visually delighted by the beautiful shots, I heard myself laughing and my soul felt love.



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