5 favourites from the weekend

In my wanderings through that land of blog, Pip over a Meet Me at Mikes has asked for your 5 faves and since I was struggling to find the joy today I thought it was a great way to brighten my mood.

1. Granny Squares, I can’t get enough of them this year.  This year I will finish off my daughter’s blanket and I will finish off a blanket that my mother started 20 years ago.  It is a perfect way to keep warm and quieten your mind after a busy day.

The blanket in this picture I forgot I even made until a friend reminded me of it.  It was great for giving Max his first blanket ride.

2.  Talking with my big brother Dave on the phone, he is rebuilding his life again after a major break down and altho each step is scary, his bravery and courage makes my heart thump louder in my chest whenever we speak. 
3. I’ve discover The Pioneer Women and her romance with the Marlboro Man, well what can I say…  It has been a joy to read, her words sent echos through my soul and still I haven’t even scratch the surface of her many, many posts.
4. Flannellet Sheets and how warm and cosy they are.
5. Candles – when I go home I light a few candles, turn off all the non essential lights and enjoy the soft glow.  A lite candle in a dark room is just plain sexy.

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