Up cycling of boy clothes to girl clothes

As my son out grows his clothes I am always searching the sewing blogs to find inspiration on how to change his boyish cloths to something more pretty for my daughter. Here is my first attempt:

Here are his car shorts that are now too small.
I cut off the bottom and unpicked the leg section. 
I didn’t take a photo of cutting off the excess material and neating it all up before sewing on the ruffle.
The ruffle was material that I found in a remanent box at a local fabric store and cost $1.50
The shirt was brought on discount and I added a ruffle down the front too. All these ideas I got from various blogs that have ruffler attachments for there sewing machines.  I don’t have a ruffler so I ended up using the old fashion was of sewing a straight line and then pulling the tread and manually spacing the ruffles.  All up the whole outfit cost me less than $10 and about 2 hours in time (a ruffler would have made it quicker).

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