Modge Podge Easter Eggs

I love Modge Podge thanks to Amy at Modge Podge Rocks and her inspiring ideas I went out and brought a bottle and started using it. This year with Easter I had a new medium to work with when decorating our eggs.

Step one – the children and I blew out our eggs using a small pin to make holes at both end of the eggs. We wash them out with soapy water and let drain and dry over night.

Step two – we carefully tap away at the egg shell at one so that it is large enough to fit a small wooden skewer.

Step three – put a small piece of blue-tac at the bottom the egg to stop it from spinning around on your skewer.

Step four – paint your egg and let dry. I mulch up newspaper and put in a vase and stand the eggs up in for drying.  It is at this point I wish I had taken a picture of my flower vase full of multi colored eggs, but I didn’t.

Step five – decorate your egg with paper shapes and Modge Podge and let dry. I give the eggs a second coating with Modge Podge, this is optional.

Step six – take your egg off the wooden skewer and cover the holes with paper and Modge Podge.  In previous years I have a stuck down a piece of string before covering up the hole at the top of the egg, so we could hang the eggs up.


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