Tutorial for a zipper purse

A very easy purse or pencil case is sewing a whole heap of zippers together.  I am not the person who thought of this and you can find them in the shops.  My mother wanted one and I volunteered to make her one. To be honest it was a bit fiddly to make and I ended up using only half of the zippers I brought.

The other day we were shopping and I saw Mum pull it out the zipper purse from her hand bag and I could see she was using it as a coin purse.  The conversation with the her server went something like this:
Server, “that will be $5.50, thank you”
Mum, gets out her coin purse and hands her the money.
Server, “oh that is lovely, where did you get that from?”
Mum, “My daughter made it for me”

I realised then that it was worth the effort it took the make the little zipper purse because it gave my Mum such joy every time someone asked her about it.

Gather together at least 6 zippers and lay them down, alternating the zipping in opposite directions.  Make sure your zippers are facing outward or facing down when sewing.

Sew them together with a minimum seam allowance, working all your way around. Sew one end together, and unzip one zip slightly. Sew the opposite end together.

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