burp wipes

burp wipes
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Recently one of the women from work left to have a baby and I wanted to make her something for the baby. I searched through countless blogs and read many great ideas but with a limited budget and next to no time to go shopping I was left with using what I had from home.

The idea of burp wipes came from this blog and I used my children’s old baby wraps and cloth nappies. While I was sewing up the burp clothes I had a little voice of doubt in my head telling me that maybe I should have used new material etc When I finished the sewing, I washed them in hot water with fabric softener and put them through the dryer to make them extra fluffy.

I nearly didn’t give my hand-me-down and make-with-love burp cloths to my work colleague because of my low self esteem, I waited until the last minute to handed them to her. She looked at me blankly because she wasn’t sure exactly what they were for and when I said they where burp cloths, she threw one on her shoulder, patted the fluffy material and with tears in her eyes, said ‘thank you’.

(note 16/3/10 The website that had over 1000 links to free sewing tutorial like the one above is http://everythingyourmamamade.com/)


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