Repurposing kids clothing

Repurposing kids clothing
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Finally I am finishing some of my sewing projects, which is part one of my New Year Resolutions.

These pants I brought from Pumpkin Patch and my daughter lived in these pants until they got too tight around the tummy. The back of the pants I have cut out square for her patch work quilt of baby clothes and couldn’t bring myself to throw away what was left.
Then I saw the tutorial on needle book and knew that there was enough material left in these pants to make my own book.

That tutorial came along at the right time because I was struggling to organise my sewing kit/stuff and motivate myself to complete all of my projects. 

I have search the blog list that I subscribe too and for the life of me I can’t find the original tutorial that inspired me to make my own needle book.  You can try here and here or 26 examples here.

One thing is for certain my daughter is going to claim this needle book and I will have to make another…  Wonder what tutorial will I use next?


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