My household has a serious addiction to fresh cherries at the moment. My children last year didn’t like them and I remember throwing out shriveled up cherries that had been kept in the fridge for too long.

It started out a couple of weeks ago when doing my regular food shopping, I grabbed a small handful to take to work. They tasted fantastic so the next day at lunch time I made a quick dash to the grocery store and brought a huge bag full. Each day I have been indulging in my little habit totally unaware of the effect of the people around me.  Slowly the worker next to me started to bring in cherries in their lunch boxes too. 

My realisation that this addiction of mine was getting out of hand, was when the children came back from visit their Dad and they had been demanding cherries at his house.  Plus I am still stopping into the store on the way home from work to pick up bread, milk & cherries. 

This little fruit is amazing, the children will forgo desert for a bowlful of fresh cherries. Not that I am complaining they are really good at putting the seeds / stems in the bin. 

What concerns me is the amount we are consuming, I am worried that between 1 adult and 2 small children 1 kilo is a little excessive.  What do you think?  Will my skin start to turn red soon?  Cherries season will soon be over and I am hoping by that stage I will be sick of them, but for now there seems to be no stopping us.


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