12 Days to An Aussie Christmas

Weekend Wordsmith 130 Descant

The ground was hard where I was sitting, or so I thought. Under my breath I was cursing myself for not having brought a chair. Why did I not think that visiting an outdoor venue would not involve bringing your own seating? As my daughter settled into my lap, I inwardly groaned and wondered how long it would take for my legs to go numb. At least soon the pain would disappear into the pins and needle numbness of blood no longer circulating into my outer limbs. The anticipation was building as the event organisers hurried around sorting out props and untangling electrical cords. From out of no where there was total silence, it was if an invisible conductor had turned to the crowd and waved his baton to motion everyone into silence. We all waited with hushed anticipation almost holding our breath and staring intently at the stage for movement. My heart leapt for joy as I watched my son walk onto the stage with his class. Our eyes met half way through him singing 12 days of An Aussie Christmas and we stole a smile, a moment that will be forever etched on my heart.


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